Issa Shnack!!

“You look nice Delyse.” “Really? No, but my tummy is showing, I need to wear a jacket to cover it up!” Even in summer you’d always see me wearing a jacket Ask me how many times I said this statement to my friends and family. Being the bigger, darker friend and sister is how I… Continue reading Issa Shnack!!

The Body Shaming Series: Stories of Survivors No. 2

Fafie's StoryMeet FafieGrowing up until I was about 15 years old, I was on the smaller and skinnier side and never realised it until I gained weight. That's when my hips came out and all the other great stuff that happens during puberty🙂🙃 I remember people always saying,You are so wide and your hips are… Continue reading The Body Shaming Series: Stories of Survivors No. 2

The Body Shaming Series: Stories of Survivors

Encounters of women who have been body shamed.

Feature Tuesdays: Sylent Nqo

We are switching things up this month! Our Feature Tuesday's guest will not be a phenomenal plus-size woman. Instead, I thought I would showcase a plus-size man, one who from the day I met him years ago has been a confident, passionate and inspirational guy. I am talking about award-winning musician Sylent Nqo! I have… Continue reading Feature Tuesdays: Sylent Nqo

How To Transform An Old and Boring Skirt

One thing about living on a tight budget is you become very creative with the clothes you have. When you have limited options or can't afford to buy clothes on a regular, there is always a solution to your problems. Do you have clothes stuck in your closet that you feel are out of fashion… Continue reading How To Transform An Old and Boring Skirt

An Award Winning Blogger

Amidst a near breakdown with tears rolling down my cheeks, I prayed to God for help. I was unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel, constantly questioning myself and even God. Was I following the correct path? Was I going to remain in this position for the rest of my life?… Continue reading An Award Winning Blogger

Feature Tuesdays: Tari Karemba

From the moment I saw Tari Karemba on my social media feeds, I knew there was something special about her. She was still studying law and at the same time creating content for her YouTube channel. I used to wonder how she did it all because when I was at uni, I was perpetually swamped… Continue reading Feature Tuesdays: Tari Karemba

Fungi Dube Graphics: Logo Design Giveaway Winner

So... I won a logo giveaway my lovelies 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾I'm not too sure if you have noticed any changes to my brand artwork over the past few weeks but I have been leaving some clues for you to see on most of my social media platforms. Please understand, the excitement and temptation were too overwhelming so… Continue reading Fungi Dube Graphics: Logo Design Giveaway Winner

Zim Blog Awards 2020 Nominee

I am speechless! Now for those who know me, this is a big deal because Delyse is never speechless 🤣🤣 Guys, I am deeply delighted and grateful to be nominated for a Zim Blog Award 2020 in the Best Fashion and Style category. This is my second nomination this year and you know what, all… Continue reading Zim Blog Awards 2020 Nominee

Feature Tuesdays: Vuyi Chaza

It's that time of the month again💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 I think this has become my favourite time of the month; celebrating some inspirational and hardworking, oh and of course stylish plus size women. For this month's feature, I ventured into the visual media realm and interviewed the breathtakingly beautiful and talented graphic designer, Vuyi Chaza. A very… Continue reading Feature Tuesdays: Vuyi Chaza

Dear Body Sessions: The Body Positivity Challenge Pt.3

Whoop whoop, we have reached the final stage of our body positivity challenge. Before we dive into part 3, if you have not as yet read Part 1 or Part 2, please do go through them first. As this is the last stretch of our mission to gain more confidence in ourselves, I urge us… Continue reading Dear Body Sessions: The Body Positivity Challenge Pt.3