Issa Shnack!!

“You look nice Delyse.” “Really? No, but my tummy is showing, I need to wear a jacket to cover it up!” Even in summer you’d always see me wearing a jacket Ask me how many times I said this statement to my friends and family. Being the bigger, darker friend and sister is how I… Continue reading Issa Shnack!!

4 Ways to Wear a Scarf as a Top

Today I dedicate my blog to the one and the only... Scarfiana! Whoop whoop! 😆 Lol, don’t worry, not that scarfiana. (Sorry guys, this is an Zimbabwean inside joke). But we are going to do this item of clothing justice! First off let me say, scarves are a must in any closet. They are so… Continue reading 4 Ways to Wear a Scarf as a Top